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Selling property in Portugal?

Selling your Property : When selling a property in Portugal most of the work is done by the lawyers of the buyer, it’s not mandatory for you to have a […]

Taxes when buying property

Taxes Here is our quick guide to taxes in Portugal when buying a property, for the full comprehensive list of all the taxes associated not only when buying but after […]

Buying costs in Portugal

Buying costs in Portugal are moderate   How high are realtors’ and lawyers’ fees in Portugal? What about other property purchase costs? Transaction Costs Who Pays? Real Estate Transfer Tax […]

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Our consulting services require a number of skills to offer our clients the best service. It is important to identify the skills needed to develop or improve on each project so that we can succeed in our day-to-day business operations.
Financial management:
Marketing, sales and customer service:
Communication and negotiation:
Problem solving:

Investing in Portugal’s Real Estate