About us

Villas Albufeira is a property consulting company, dedicated so assist and help investors and future home owners get settled in the central Algarve, the heart of tourism – Albufeira. We provide research, analysis and advising services to our clients such as property investors in the residential sector or tourism. We specialize in  particular to  villa owners, seeking their secondary home, investment by monetizing via rentals or trying a complete lifestyle reset.

With over 30 years of living on the Algarve and 20 years of experience in tourism,  the  rental and sales market, we know what to look for and how to create  the best conditions to achieve the maximum ROI.

We focus on getting our clients settled into the Portuguese  Law and Taxes when buying a house in Portugal, knowing what to expect and how to resolve it.  Mainly we help our clients develop an agenda for creating value once the deal is closed.

We aim to make your experience of buying in Portugal as easy and comfortable as possible. Giving you the well deserved time and opportunity to focus on you and your new surroundings.

Because at Villas Albufeira,  we focus on our costumers and not our sales.

So contact us today, for more information.