Property Scout

Our property scouts:

Whether you are based abroad and have no idea where to look for a property, or you live in the Algarve already but just don’t have the time, our services are there to help you make it happen.
Here are some typical reasons that our clients approach us with

  • You are too busy to arrange multiple viewings and liaise with estate agents, surveyors, solicitors
  • You currently live outside of the Algarve, or overseas, and want advice from a local property expert
  • You don’t trust estate agents to show you the best properties
  • You are an investor needing local market advice to find you the best investment
  • You are relocating to the Portugal but lack the time to travel back and forth to find a home
  • You just prefer to engage a professional to conduct the process for you

 “Property scouts Save Time, Not Waste It”

Your  property scout represents you, nobody else ( seller ). We’re not estate agents – we only have your interests at heart. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and only show you suitable properties.

We’ll look after your search from the initial stages to completion. People waste an huge amount of time, weeks after weeks searching the internet, calling agents and viewing properties that aren’t right for them. If you lead a busy life,  property scouts aren’t just timesavers, we’re lifesavers.

How does it work?

Our Property Scout service is specialized and costum tailored to your needs. We help buyers and tenants from across the globe find their dream home or investment.

Our policy to represent a maximum of four clients at one time, per scout,  delivers a comprehensive service that gets results.

From helping you choose the right area/ location,  to introducing you to trusted professionals after you complete, we are with you through every step of the process.

 What does it cost?

We charge an service fee  plus a completion fee after successfully concluding our service and finding your property.

Contact us for more information.